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We Look Forward to Getting to Know You!

Your first comprehensive visit will be unlike any other dental appointment that you have had. You will start by first talking with both the doctor and hygienist to hear your goals and concerns. Everyone is unique in their dental needs, and we want to work with you to make sure your smile is what you have always wished for.

We will recommend taking any necessary x-rays so that we can fully diagnose any undetected concerns. Our digital x-rays help to minimize radiation exposure. You will have a comprehensive examination, which will include an analysis of your jaw, your bite, and an oral cancer evaluation. The hygienist will then do an initial cleaning and polishing of the teeth.

After we both understand the condition of your teeth and the surrounding tissue, we plan together a treatment course. Many times, there may be more than one option available to treat or restore a dental problem. Factors such as esthetics (looks), longevity, cost and treatment time may alter our plan for you, therefore your input is essential. We hope you will be as encouraged and excited as we are as to the multiple options now available to improve your appearance and well-being.