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About Us

Guiding Principles

  • We strive to provide patients with a dental experience that promotes a lifelong relationship built on mutual respect, trust and exceptional care.
  • We want to educate and inspire patients to embrace their responsibility for long term oral health and total body health.
  • We will listen and understand patients’ goals and concerns and help to remove barriers that are in the way of achieving and maintaining a healthy smile.
  • We make a commitment to continual continuing education and a to providing dental care in all subspecialties of the profession.
  • We will serve our community by providing excellent dental care, supporting other local organizations, providing community service and by being a caring, positive and supporting environment to visit and work.
  • We recognize that it is our responsibility to share with patients the present condition of their mouth, and to give our professional opinion as to what steps are needed to achieve optimal oral health. Then, we give the patient the trust and respect to decide for themselves what approach and pace they believe is best for themselves, while staying within basic standards of care.

Advanced Technology

Better X-Rays – Advanced digital x-ray technology utilizes a small fraction of the radiation exposure of conventional x-rays. The instant images that you will see on the screen in front of you can be magnified or altered to reveal much more information about your teeth and bone structures. You will be able to take a virtual tour of your mouth with a special intra-oral (inside-the-mouth) camera. This technology will allow us to find cracks in teeth and leaks in fillings with tremendously increased accuracy.

Dental Lasers – Our dental laser allows us to alter the gum tissue when necessary with less bleeding and faster healing. It also allows us to sterilize the pockets (spaces in the gums) where bacteria live and contribute to gum disease.

CT Machine / 3D Scanner – Our CS 9300 system helps us diagnose potential issues more accurately and provide treatment with unprecedented confidence. This machine utilizes cone beam CT technology to provides precise, crystal-clear digital images, and allows us to choose the field of view, or scanning area, that best suits your specific treatment needs, all while minimizing your exposure to radiation.