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Surgically Clean Air

Surgically Clean Air Filtration System

The air inside any building can get stale. The reason is that most buildings, in addition to holding in the heat during the winter and the AC during the summer can also keep in airborne viruses, toxins, molds, and bacteria that can cause illness and infections.

While clean air is important in any workplace, it is absolutely essential in dentistry where our procedures produce aerosols, and patients spend a significant amount of time sitting with their mouths wide open.

An Elevated Standard of Air Filtration

When it comes to our patients and our team members' health, we don't take any chances. We know that it is worth the extra investment to get the best equipment on the market, and the Surgically Clean Air System is the best there is.

Standard air systems have simple filters that can take a lot of debris out of the air, but their filters tend to be too simple to catch the various types of airborne dangers, such as the coronavirus, and they often don't have nearly enough power to properly circulate clean air throughout the entire office, sometimes creating a pocket of clean air in an otherwise contaminated space. While this might suffice for some, it falls short of our standards.

The Surgically Clean Air System is a surgical grade air cleaning system, equipped with a six stage filtration process that is designed to grab all harmful particles, big and small, and is powerful enough to completely filter out all of the air in our treatment rooms every six minutes. And it does more than just filter these pollutants, germs and other toxins - it destroys them.

Surgically Clean Air System Informational Video

To learn more about the technology used in the Jade Surgically Clean Air Filtration system you can watch the video below, or click here.